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Hot Brunette GF Wants To Make A Sex Tape With Her Man

A hot petite chick finds an amateur porn video on her boyfriend’s phone featuring him and some other slut. When the guy comes back, his girlfriend makes him fuck her while she’s filming. The slut undresses and the guy starts sucking her nipples as she films the process on phone. The chick sucks his huge shaved cock. Then the hunk turns his whore around, bends her and fucks her hard. The whore moans and talks dirty as her stallion fucks her doggy style. The whore rubs her clit and asshole while her pussy is being fucked by a huge dick. Then the hunk turns over and lies back so slut can ride his dick. She continues to rub her clit while her pussy is being drilled hard. The hunk grabs her buns and moves them up and down pounding the chick’s pussy with his meaty dick while she screams of multiple orgasms. They keep filming the fucking holding the phone by turn.
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